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Japan concerned at Chinese activity near disputed islands


NATIONAL JUL. 26, 2013 - 10:10AM JST ( 20 )

In this photo released by Japan's 11th Regional Coast Guard, a China Coast Guard ship numbered 2101 sails in waters 66 kilometers (41 miles) from the East China Sea islands called Senkaku by Japan and Diaoyu by China Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Chinese coast guard ships were spotted for the first time near the disputed islands controlled by Japan following a reorganization of the service in a bid to boost its effectiveness. (AP Photo/Japan's 11th Regional Coast Guard) MANDATORY CREDIT

在日本第11辖区海岸保安队公布的照片上,编号为2101的中国海岸警卫队于2013年7月24日周三在距离尖阁群岛,中国称钓鱼岛66公里(41英里)的海域航行。 这是中方在机构调整后首次有中国海岸警卫队的船只在这个由日本控制的争议岛屿附近出现,中方的机构调整被认为是旨在为该岛屿的争议增加筹码。


Tokyo expressed concern Thursday over recent Chinese military and maritime activity near disputed islands that Japan controls, including the flight of a Chinese fighter jet near Japanese airspace.


Japan’s Defense Ministry scrambled fighter jets Wednesday to keep watch on a Chinese early warning plane flying over international waters between Japan’s main Okinawa island and an outer island relatively close to the disputed area in the East China Sea.


Around the same time, Japan spotted four Chinese coast guard vessels near the disputed islands for the first time following Beijing’s reorganization of the service to boost its ability to enforce its maritime claims.


“It was an unusual action that we have never seen before. We’ll keep monitoring with great interest,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said of the Chinese flight before leaving for Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, where he planned to discuss ways to cooperate and check China’s maritime activity in the region. “I would like to share an understanding that we need to observe a rule of law, not a rule by force.”

“这是一个不寻常的行动,我们以前从未见过。我们将怀着极大的兴趣继续监测,” “我想表明,我们需要的是遵守法律规则,而不是武力。” 首相安倍晋三在离开马来西亚,新加坡和菲律宾前表示。在那里他计划讨论如何在该地区建立合作,并监控中国在该地区的海上活动。

Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said late Wednesday that the flight of the Chinese Y-8 early warning plane was “a sign of China’s escalating maritime advance.”


Japan is also considering introducing drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles like Global Hawk used by U.S. military, and beefing up the role of self-defense troops in southwestern Japan to step up defense against China’s increased activity around the disputed islands, Japanese media reported. Those plans are expected to be included in an interim defense policy report that Japan’s Defense Ministry is set to release Friday.


Japan’s coast guard said the four Chinese craft were seen early Wednesday just outside Japanese territorial waters around the tiny uninhabited islands called Diaoyu by China and Senkaku by Japan. Chinese websites ran photos reportedly taken by the Japanese coast guard showing a ship painted in the service’s new red, white and blue striped Chinese coast guard livery


Along with its claims in the East China Sea, China has also frequently sparred with the Philippines and Vietnam over overlapping claims to parts of the South China Sea, another area to which the new coast guard is being deployed.


A Chinese coast guard ship was sighted recently at Mischief Reef off the western Philippine coast, according to a confidential Philippine government report obtained by The Associated Press. China occupied the vast reef in 1995, sparking fierce protests from rival claimant Manila.


The coast guard’s deployment “further demonstrates China’s resolve to consolidate its self-acclaimed indisputable sovereignty in the South China Sea,” according to the Philippine report.


China’s reorganized coast guard, which was formally inaugurated on Monday, merges four agencies responsible for fisheries administration, maritime surveillance, customs enforcement and border control. Chinese officials said the move would help boost efficiency in law enforcement and “better safeguard China’s sovereignty and maritime rights and interests.”


The new service is being equipped with ships from the four bodies being eliminated, along with newly built or repurposed craft that could make it Asia’s biggest and most powerful coast guard. The ships are believed to be lightly armed with machine guns and possibly cannons, giving them teeth to back China’s claims to seas and islands if Beijing wished to do so.


The Japanese coast guard said the Chinese vessels were apparently taking the place of ships from China Marine Surveillance, one of the bodies being absorbed by the new service. Those ships had been patrolling in the area for the past eight days as part of a regular Chinese presence in the area, the Japanese coast guard said.

日本海上保安厅说,这些舰艇显然是用来取代中国海监的船只,这是承担新职责的机构之一。 日本海岸警卫队说,这些船只在过去的8天已经在该地区巡逻,作为体现中国人在该地区常态存在的一部分。

Since an escalation of tensions over the islands, Japanese and Chinese patrol craft have confronted each other on a regular basis in the waters surrounding them, although no clashes have been reported.


The Philippine government report described the new Chinese coast guard ships as former navy frigates previously converted to civilian surveillance vessels.


Along with more advanced communications systems, the ships boast armaments including twin automatic deck guns, the report said.


The new Chinese ships “pose a new challenge” to the ability of the militarily weak Philippines to monitor its territorial claims, it said.


“It is deemed imperative for the Philippines to enhance its present intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities while seeking a minimum credible deterrent against potential external threats,” the report said.


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ShankunJUL. 26, 2013 - 07:26AM JST

And another sign of Japanese 'militarisation'...


OssanAmericaJUL. 26, 2013 - 07:33AM JST

Yesterday they were sending CHINA MARITIME SURVEILLANCE AGENCY vessels. Now they are sending CHINA COAST GUARD vessels. How long will it be before they just get right to the point and start sending CHINESE PEOPLES LIBERATION ARMY NAVY vessels?


David_RockefellerJUL. 26, 2013 - 07:43AM JST

This happens a lot, it's not news.


tokyo_eiyuuJUL. 26, 2013 - 08:10AM JST

Im pretty sure that the fighter jet reported in the first paragraph is neither a fighter nor a jet. Just an observation.


FizzBitJUL. 26, 2013 - 08:24AM JST

China's neo-cold war strategy
Massive Japanese debt- check
Nuclear disaster- check
Increase tentions- check
Rally the Chinese population- check
Decrease trade- check
Militarize Japan- working

中国的新冷战战略 :

加大日本债务 - 搞定
核灾难 - 搞定
增加压力 - 搞定
凝聚中国人民 - 搞定
减少贸易 - 搞定
军事化日本 - 正在进行中

Scott JohnsonJUL. 26, 2013 - 08:28AM JST

including the flight of a Chinese fighter jet near Japanese airspace.
The press is not trying blow this out of proportion by printing outrageous lies. No sir. An unarmed propeller driven spy plane is really just about the same thing as a fighter jet.
Only the Chinese press lies.




smithinjapanJUL. 26, 2013 - 08:43AM JST

That's what happens when you up the rhetoric and bombast yourself, Japan. They are DISPUTED islands, whether Japan likes it or not, and so any unilateral action by one nation will be met by action from the other. This goes the other way around, too, of course; any action China takes meets with more hollow threats from Japan while they hide behind the US.

日本,这就是在你花言巧语和夸夸其谈时发生的事。这些是“有争议的”岛屿,不管日本人喜欢或不喜欢,所以一个国家的任何单方面行动都会引发另一方面的行动。 反过来也是,当然,中国的任何行动也会得到躲在美国后面的日本更多的虚张声势的威胁。

OssanAmericaJUL. 26, 2013 - 08:51AM JST

smithinjapanJul. 26, 2013 - 08:43AM JST That's what happens when you up the rhetoric and bombast yourself, Japan. They are DISPUTED islands, whether >Japan likes it or not
The only one "disputing" it is China smith and they are free to take the issue to the ICJ. Oh wait they won't! Just like the South Koreans and Takeshima.

回复 smithinjapan “日本,这就是在你花言巧语和夸夸其谈时发生的事。这些是“有争议的”岛屿,不管日本人喜欢或不喜欢”

只有一个“争议”,smith,就是中国可以把这个问题提交给国际法院。 哦,等等,他们不会! 就像韩国和竹岛。

nigelboyJUL. 26, 2013 - 09:04AM JST

Funny comment from smith.

If the current activity by China is justified as you say (unilateral action by one nation will be met by action from other) bearing in mind that Japanese 'action' was just purchasing the island from an individual whose lease was about to expire, how should a nation react to many other actions by another which includes kidnapping and killing of fishermen, building docks and outposts thereafter and landing of the island by their leader?




CrazyJoeJUL. 26, 2013 - 09:14AM JST

They should call those new Chinese ships "The International Aggression Bureau".


Chris LoweryJUL. 26, 2013 - 09:41AM JST

I don't think drones would work out over those seas, chances are they'd get hacked and dropped into the sea pretty quick. Better to rely on real time satellite surveillance and quick action response fleets.

我不认为无人机能够在这片海域工作,没准他们会很快被黑然后掉进海里。 最好还是依赖实时的卫星侦察和快速行动响应舰队。

hatsoffJUL. 26, 2013 - 09:47AM JST

Disputed islands under Japanese control, but then Smith never misses a chance to bash Japan. It's a wonder he can look himself in the mirror still living in this country under an Abe government, sucking up Japan's hospitality and enjoying it's safe environment.


CrisGerSanJUL. 26, 2013 - 09:58AM JST

I would like to share an understanding that we need to observe a rule of law, not a rule by force.”

very well put by the PM. Japan just needs to keep calm and keep its resolve and it will know the right course of action. China cannot force anyone else to accept its fantasy claims, and eventually it will realize that the path of the bully leads to failure and shame.



ohayo206JUL. 26, 2013 - 10:41AM JST

Sounds like Abe wants to justify his ultra-nationalistic stance...how convenient. This news of increased military activity comes out after LDP wins the elections. Its all about timing, I guess.


pkJUL. 26, 2013 - 10:43AM JST

OssanAmerica - "The only one "disputing" it is China smith and they are free to take the issue to the ICJ. Oh wait they won't! Just like the South Koreans and Takeshima."

Koji Tsuruoka, deputy foreign minister, recently threatened the UN that an unfavorable decision by the ICJ against Japanese whaling may be disregarded and they may choose to leave the IWC. So IF Japan doesn't like it, they may choose to ignore it. Now tell me again why any country should go to the ICJ with Japan???

OssanAmerica - “只有一个“争议”,smith,就是他们可以把这个问题提交给国际法院。 哦,等等,他们不会! 就像韩国和竹岛。”。

鹤冈浩二,日本的外交部副部长,最近因联合国国际法院对日本的捕鲸问题作出了不利决定而提出的威胁可能会被你忽略了,他们声称可能会退出国际捕鲸委员会。 所以说,如果日本人不喜欢一件事,他们就会选择忽略它。好吧,那你现在再告诉我,为什么其他国家应该跟着日本上国际法院?

Ron BarnesJUL. 26, 2013 - 11:02AM JST

Island claim from an ending lease is not a good Government Investment When the Area is in Dispute before the purchase. May be Japan, Could look at this as others may have mistaken it as aggression please Comment.


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Tiger_In_The_HermitageJUL. 26, 2013 - 11:09AM JST

“I would like to share an understanding that we need to observe a rule of law, not a rule by force.” is Abe talking about America?

If American military can freely roam Asia, why not China's military or for that matter the Thai military....

All this talk about chinese press lies and japanese press don't lie, the fact is all press lie and side by the popular sentiments of the time.




viking68JUL. 26, 2013 - 11:33AM JST

American military can freely roam Asia

Another distortion of the truth to justify and downplay Chinese aggression.



CGB SpenderJUL. 26, 2013 - 12:36PM JST

Business as usual. China tests how far they can go currently without tipping off the status quo. Japan sits, watches and waits and maybe next time we might be seeing an 'incident' with Chinese military vessels encroaching. At that point things will get interesting.


BertieWoosterJUL. 26, 2013 - 01:03PM JST

Scott Johnson,
Only the Chinese press lies.
Do you really, sincerely believe that?
There are many ways to lie. You can say something happened when it didn't or didn't happen when it did. And you can also OMIT stuff. Take out certain facts and a story can read very differently.
Sure, the Chinese press lies, but so does the US press, the UK press, the Japanese press, you name it. They pick and choose which stories to publish and which parts of a story to cut out to paint the kind of picture that suits their agenda.
That's why it's important to have several news sources, not just one.
The Senkaku issue is not exactly cut and dried. You can argue that the islands are Chinese or you can argue that they are Japanese.
Abe should be discussing this with Chinese representatives instead of barking his head off at the Chinese planes and ships and running between the U.S.A.'s legs when it looks dangerous.

“只有中国的媒体会撒谎。” 你不会真的相信吧?





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